Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Quilt Progress

FallQuiltProgressA copy
I've made a ton of progress on my Fall quilt! Monday I spent a good 5 hours sewing and got the bottom half completely sewn and a good start going on the top half. This large block design is a dream to sew - it would be a perfect for beginning quilters. I'm finding that part of the reason it is sewing up so well is because I measured and cut very accurately. I bought a 6x24 quilting ruler for this one, and I can't believe I ever went without it before! I got fairly technical with my block labeling. Everything is numbered and lettered to ensure it gets put in the correct spot and so far no mistakes.

Overall I am really pleased with my progress, and I should be able to finish the top half and get the whole top completed today. I had made a goal for a start to finish time of two weeks, so it would be ready before the weather starts to really cool off. Hopefully it will be on my bed sooner than I had planned!


Celestial said...

Looks beautiful. I love the color combo you've picked out too!

erika said...

It is gorgeous. I love it!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun project! The colors are great together.

To answer your question on the pie crust. I have always used a pate brisee crust from Martha Stewart pies and tarts. I'm sure she has that recipe on line.
It is all butter! If you have a food processor, you can make pie dough so fast, it is crazy!
I feel I too must make a pumpkin something soon :)

Hey Lady! said...

Woah! Two weeks?? I still haven't finished the quilt I started 2 months ago, and it's only a four foot square.

It's the actual quilting that scares me. I love the progress report and can;t wait to see the next one.