Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning to Can

Finally! I've learned how to can! My first attempt at home canning was very gratifying and it was actually really really fun. For those of you who can on a regular basis, I want to be like you. And guess what? You ladies better tell your husbands what's up, cuz mine knows how to can. So now that I've gotten a taste of the process I have a lot to look forward to. Having a large home garden like we do means that when we harvest we usually have way more that we can eat, and so we have to do something with it. This week we had half a crate of green beans and about a crate of cucumbers to take care of.

We spent a few hours today canning cucumbers and green beans, and freezing even more beans. We have a vacuum sealer for preparing food portions for freezing, which is even more fun.

Today one of my coworkers was reflecting that if she had lived in another time in history she would for sure have been a hippie. I said I would have been a pioneer lady. And wouldn't you know it, I am certain I would.


Katie said...

I want to learn how to can! Yay for you! Someday!

I would have died if I was a pioneer.. giving Birth and issues with my teeth... yep, I would have died. I think I really like my washer and dryer, too.

Celestial said...

I'm quite happy that I live in this current time. Maybe in the 50s or 60s. Other than that I just enjoy our modern conveniences.

I snapped green beans with my hubby's mother this summer so that she could can them. We joked that when mom and grandma get to a jar that is full of irregular length beans that they would know it was mine!

Hey Lady! said...

When the zombie apocalypse comes I'm coming to your house. Though we have a more fortify-able house...

But food is more important.

Good for you, it's awesome you're doing that.