Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Baby Kitties

Sunday we went to pick up some baby kitties to live at my parents house. A few days shy of 8 weeks old, these babies are so little and cute!

Why must baby kitties be so cute?? I want them ALL!!

They are brother and sister, soft as feathers, and have the most playful spirits - and the cutest part of this story is that when we were taking them from the mama cat and saying goodbye she gave each of them a little lick on the forehead.

Gahhh!!! Cute overload.


Celestial said...


These two are so incredibly cute! There you go with the ginger kitties again.

How are your kitties doing?

erika said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable!! If cats stayed kittens forever, I would be in trouble. I love them!

dinospumoni said...

I love them so much!! My life is 2x better with them :) ha!

Hey Lady! said...

Female orange kitty? That's unusual... I thought most orange cats were male...

How many orange kitties is that now in your family? At least six, right?

Vista Gal said...

I have NEVER owned an orange kitty and I want them!!!!