Friday, November 18, 2011


Sunday we took a boat out to Catalina Island. It stormed the day before so the sky was clear and everything else was fresh and clean and the air was beautiful. It was the perfect day to go.

Catalina seemed very "Lord of the Flies" to us. Piggy, Ralph and Jack could of hopped out of the landscape demanded to know what we were doing on their island. It was such a small little place and I found myself wondering what kind of weird folk decide they want to make home there. Aside from the cluster of homes and dock and airport, the rest of the island was just wild brush. I guess the attraction is that they live on an island...? Our conclusion was that Catalina was beautiful, but a strange place.

One fun thing that we saw - there were cats everywhere. Feral cats live all over the island and they were some of the most majestic creatures I've seen! Especially the one I saw that looked like a miniature lion - what a beard it had!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hello November

Hi friends! It's been over a month, but I have good reasons. First, we moved! Only 3 miles down the road, but it took us a good couple weeks to get it all done. Cramming two households into one house means there was a lot to move. Most of our stuff was still boxed up in storage but still, we had to move it all. Right after I posted my last quilt update I had to start packing. I haven't touched the quilt yet.

So let me tell you about our new house! We moved 3 miles further into our lovely little Fallbrook, into a big house that suit all four of us just fine. Billy and I have a big bedroom, our own living room (with space for our computer desk and a craft area!) and our own giant bathroom all to ourselves. This big house we share with his parents is on an acre of land (we already started planting a garden) with a cut flower farm that backs up against us. The drive is a bit longer to everything, but the windy roads, big trees and charming houses are lovely and make up for the distance.

It was a lot of work, and took all of our days. Working all day moving and cleaning and then going to work and getting off at 10:30pm for almost two weeks made me a very tired girl. Now you can understand my absence! Right after we got moved in I had two weeks left until the Carlsbad Street Fair, at which I had a booth. I spent a ton of time getting ready for it, and will share some pics and details with you soon.

Now it's all over and I can focus on regular life again. And blogging. And cooking and baking. And crafting. The season is just upon us!