Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Thoughts

Man do the days really pass by. It's almost Easter already and I feel like we were just celebrating the new year. When I was in my very early teens I remember thinking so many times that I wish the time would just pass by faster so I could be older already. Now I wonder what kind of paint I had been sniffing. In 1989 when I was 6 I remember a phone conversation my mom had with one of her friends and her saying "I cannot believe it is going to be 1990!" 1990. Seems like eons ago. Well, I guess it was. One day I'm going to wake up and think 2012 was so long ago too. I wonder what I'll look like when I'm old.

Did any of you see Hunger Games? I read the books last spring and was really excited about the movie. I really liked it a lot, and really I read the books so long ago now that I forgot so many of the tiny written details which allowed the movie and all it lacked compared to the book to actually be enjoyable. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was a great Katniss. And of course I cried when Rue died.

Easter is next weekend. Yesterday I bought 7 bags of candy, partly for our 4th annual adult Easter egg hunt. I am planning on making the rum cake again, gosh it's just so good. I think I'm going to try Martha's basic egg dying technique this year with my sister. Basically it's just food coloring and vinegar.

You know me, I love a holiday!


Elizabeth said...

Happy spring to you! Love all your newest photos on here :) Easter has snuck up on me big time, and I'm having people over too. I better get cracking!

Celestial said...

The time really is flying by! This week I'm going to try making a Cool Whip & Jell-o recipe that we traditionally have at E's family gatherings. His Grandma used to make it, then his Mom took over - but it was never quite the same. The last time we were all together she offered to let someone else attempt, and this time it will be Moi. We'll see how it goes. Also going to make some Rice Krispie in the shape of large Hershey Kisses and wrap them in tin foil. Should be fun!