Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Tea Party

To know me is to know I will take any excuse to celebrate a holiday. St. Pattie's Day, although mostly popular at the pub, is a perfect excuse to have a little mini party. And so we did. Deanna and I had a lovely little tea party lunch in celebration of our Irish heritage. We didn't have any St. Patties booze but had you been secretly watching us you may have wondered if we did. And what is a party without food? Aaaand... so we had Greek salad. Big deal. At least it was green! And the bowls were green, so, bonus. We also had white chocolate chip scones, lemon cookies and mushroom turnovers, and a pot of huckleberry tea- none of which are particularly Irish either. Ok so our Irish tea party wasn't exactly Irish, but we did have a killer time out at our backyard party. Besides, how could you not have fun when you have a sister like mine? One more amazing memory of the time two sisters took out of their crazy lives to spend time together and just be.

Happy St. Pattie's Day!


Celestial said...

looks like you had a lovely time!

Hey Lady! said...

This is awesome! The Greek salad was far healthier then the traditional Irish food people usually make in America anyway.