Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toms Wedges? Anyone?

Wedges seem like the perfect balance between casual and dressy. Lately I have been thinking about getting a pair of these Toms Wedges. I have to be sure I really want them though, because they aren't cheap - $68 or so. I'm thinking you could wear them with skinny jeans, or a dress, or even shorts. These are my favorite colorways on the Nordstrom website, which is where I would get them.

I have boots and vans and some sandals. But nothing really with a heel. And I hardly ever dress up because I A. work around the clock, and B. don't have money to spend on going out. If I'm not working I am pretty causal.

I don't know, what do you think?


Celestial said...

I love me some wedges, but am too cheap to buy anything that isn't basically clearance. I have to admit that these are the first Toms that I find visually appealing. I know they're supposed to be 'oh so amazingly comfy', but I just can't get over the look of the basic Toms.

Really digging the colors on the tan/cream stripes and the aqua. If you go for one I'd say the aqua, it's a good 'spice it up' color that will go with a lot more than you think.

erika said...

I love them. I don't know which ones I like the best! I love the aqua and the stripes. I say go for it:)

Modern Crush said...

I guess the first things would be to go try them on... thanks ladies!