Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Day of Fall: A New Tradition

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The first day of Fall has already come! Fall always seems like that grand old friend that comes around to say hello, bringing lovely weather and the seasons comforts. Fall is never to blame for dramatic weather like Winter is, or dark frosty mornings like Spring is, or scorching evenings like Summer is. Fall is a time to celebrate food and scents and long walks around the neighborhood.

This year I started a new tradition that I think deserves to be observed on the first day of every season. On the first day of fall I went to the farmers market and bought a large arm full of fall colored flowers and filled vases all over my home. What a sweet way to welcome in a season!


Pamela said...

Ooh! What a great tradition!! The flowers are so beautiful. Hope you are well Georgia! xoxo

Celestial said...

What a great tradition to start. Are you rockin' out to Mumford & Sons' new album yet?

Vista Gal said...

Beautiful fall colored flowers!